About Me

I’m a Philadelphia-based videographer, photographer, & video editor who makes content for various artists, brands, and creators.

Growing up in Medford Lakes, New Jersey, I found myself at a very early age picking up a GoPro and became enamored with the process of capturing real-life moments/stories. I created vlogs, short edits, and travel-style videos of my friends. From then on I was hooked and continued to create videos throughout my high school years.

During my freshman year at Syracuse University, I began to see my videos gain traction around campus, and eventually, BarstoolCuse was interested in posting my edits of tailgates/school concerts. This motivated me to save enough money to upgrade from my GoPro and iPhone. I bought my first mirrorless camera which enabled me to take my passion to the next level as I attended school.

I continue to learn and grow as a videographer and look forward to working with more talented people!

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